Friday, February 19, 2010

Sheikh Haron! Is He A Terrorist?

Sheikh Haron! Is He A Terrorist?

Please read Gunman targets Canning Mosque, Muslims are Guilty before Even Being Charged, Muslim Worshipers Attacked Outside Australian Mosque and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to understand the real motive.

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Crescent Times reveals the full story behind Sheikh Haron’s arrest:

The Terrorist Attack and the Letters

Some media have inaccurately reported that the Australian Federal Police (AFP) arrested Sheikh Haron at his home. Crescent Times exclusively reveals the first hand version of the story from Sheikh Haron himself.

On Friday 16 October 2009, on Sheikh Haron’s website it was announced: “Terrorist Attack in Australia in October 2009, Details Coming Soon!” Sheikh Haron, sent the same announcement on that day by fax to many media outlets, politicians, police and other parties.

Sheik Haron said that the following day, Saturday 17 October, the AFP tried to contact him for details of the terrorist attack but the Sheikh was not available. As the AFP did not leave a contact number, Sheikh Haron later called the National Security Hotline and left a message for the relevant authorities to contact his mobile number. On Monday 19 October, an AFP officer contacted the Sheikh and an appointment was made for Tuesday 20 October 2009 at 10 am for him to provide information about the terrorist attack. At the meeting on 20 October, Sheikh Haron provided written information to the AFP about the terrorist attack he had reported on his website. The AFP officer read the letter and said that the AFP would consider the information. The AFP officer then proceeded to arrest him.

Sheikh Haron was placed under arrest because the AFP charged him with sending letters to harass the families of the Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan. The families had received letters from the Sheikh condemning the killing of civilians in Afghanistan. Crescent Times has received a copy of the report of terrorist activity provided by Sheikh Haron to the Australian Federal Police. In this report, Sheikh Haron details what he describes as a terrorist attack on his home on Friday 16 October 2009.

Since a Channel Seven, “Today Tonight” broadcast on 25 May 2009, Sheikh Haron has received anonymous threats to his life and property.

On 16 October 2009, intruders attacked the gate of Sheikh Haron’s house and broke it to enter his office, Haron revealed. “The metal gate was heavy and strong, so they have used enough force to break such a gate. When they discovered that I was not there they have gone on the roof and they have written things on the walls,” he added. Sheik Haron reported the incident to the NSW police. “According to Australian law, any violence based on religious or political grounds is a terrorist act. The anti-terrorism law does not state that a terrorist act is an act which is done only by a bomb or a gun. It also does not state that a terrorist act is an act which is committed by Muslims only or an act against non-Muslims only” Sheikh Haron explained in his report to the AFP.

Sheikh Haron stated that: “There should not be any difference between Muslim and non-Muslim offenders.” “There should not be any discrimination; the anti-terrorism law should apply to all whether the terrorists are Muslims or non-Muslims, whether the targets are Muslims or non-Muslims”. Sheikh Haron also contacted The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to complain about Channel Seven’s broadcast. ACMA explained that they can only investigate complaints about breaches of Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice. “Threats to your life or those of others are a matter for the police” ACMA concluded in a formal letter to Sheik Haron.