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Faruque Ahmed’s T-Shirts Recording History and Exposing Zionists

Faruque Ahmed’s T-Shirts Recording History and Exposing Zionists

BEYOND THE SINS OF THE FATHERS, Gas Chamber – Is it Long Overdue?, Gas Chamber – Waiting For Him, The Truth and Reality at the Sydney APEC Rally, When Cheney Comes To Town, Faruque Ahmed’s T-Shirt and Silencing the Truth to T-Shirt are simple stories and part of life.

You are welcome to be the judge.


Look at my T-shirt! Our glorious Prime Minister Julia Gillard is saying, "Australians stand firm against Islam and Terrorism with our Israeli allies". Now please look at the pictures!! Nazi like Israeli soldiers naked bayonets are all over Julia's bare face! They could hurt her at any time. Ironically Julia's earring and the SS like Israeli soldiers hats are bearing identical David's star! No Muslim stones and guns are around. Not one Australian died inside Australia due to terrorism! Yet, Australians were forced to fight other peoples' wars before and after Gallipoli including resource oriented and Israel centric illegal and immoral invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq without any debate and discussions.

Gas Chamber – Is it Long Overdue?

It was Sunday night, 11 March 2007. At about 11.30 pm I was walking across a well-known Sydney street wearing my seven years old T-shirt. This black T-shirt’s front half has the Palestinian flag as a background for some large text. The first line says, “Free Palestine”. The next line is “Israeli Troops Out Now”. Finally, there is “No Aust/US support for Israel”. “” is written at the bottom as a reference.

This T-shirt made some one very angry! He yelled at me, “do you like to drive the Jews into the sea”? I looked at him. He appeared to be in his late 20s. I guessed that he could be one of the many loaded Australian/Israeli nationals, and that he may even have served (or is serving) in the Israeli Army. These types of people believe that they know it all, that they are right and that everyone else is after them. I responded, “excuse me”! He said again, “I know what you want – you want to drive the Jews into the sea”.

In a startled state, I replied, “did I say that”?

He responded, “I know what you mean”.

I responded, “please stop your assumptions and presumptions and let’s talk about facts”.

He replied, “I know the facts and the history more than you do”.

I said, “I would love to hear them”.

He then went silent, and obviously I continued, “do you want to listen to me instead? The fact is that 78% of the original Palestine has already been given to Israel, and only 22% remains for the supposed Palestine. Why don’t you at least get out of that part of Palestine and have a nice day?”

He yelled back at me in a very angry tone, “why do you care? You don’t even live there, are you a Muslim?”

I responded, “what does religion have to do with this issue”?

Again, he went into another uneasy silence, with lots of fire in his eyes!

I asked him, “do you know Hitler?”

He exploded with anger, “what does Hitler have to do with this”?

I continued, “when Hitler was doing wrong things many did not speak up, but here I am standing up for humanity. Besides, what you are doing to the Palestinians is worse than what Hitler did to your people.”

He angrily roared back, “I don’t want to talk about it anymore”.

Naturally I said, “you started this debate, and now that you find yourself lacking defence and losing, you conveniently want to pull up stumps and go home! Isn’t that strange?

I looked at him directly. He had a killer instinct on his face. The only thing stopping him from violence had to be 100s of witnesses around us and the close circuit camera of the nearby bottle shop. Throughout this exchange, I sensed that many of these people were silently listening to us and watching us.

As I continued my walk, I thought to myself, “it is these type of people who are aiding/abetting the murder of Arab kids in kindergartens, schoolyards, backyards and bedrooms without any remorse whatsoever! At the same time, the same lot of people are going around the world and telling Europeans, Americans and Australians to stop Arab and Muslim migration. Maybe because of their existence, the gas chamber is long overdue.

Gas Chamber – Waiting For Him

Further to Gas Chamber – Is it Long Overdue? I was walking along another well-known Sydney street on Saturday night, 17 March 2007. It was about 11.30 pm some 100 meter from the local police station. I was standing outside a café and drinking coffee on the footpath. The café owner and two other people were talking to me. At one stage I was explaining to them about my recent confrontation with a few more of Hitler’s love child’s. I said, “these people claim to be victims of Hitler, yet, they continue to follow, promote and practice all of his racist policies with renewed charisma and creativity. Now they are writing books with such titles as “Eurabia”, “Londonistan”, etc..., and blatantly promoting anti-Arab, anti-Muslim prejudice and bigotry in a Nazis like manner. They make me sick".

I recognised an interfering voice saying, “are you the one I was fighting with last week”? I looked at him and vaguely recognised the angry and disturbed person of my last encounter.

I replied, “no, I do not fight with animals, I prefer to call council rangers to take care of loaded beasts”.

He continued, “but you are comparing Israelis with Nazis”.

I said, “that is my prerogative, and you cannot dictate my thought processes or any of my expressions”.

He continued in his militant tone, “why are you following me? Stop harassing me”?

I clearly pointed out to him by saying, “you are the one following me, annoying me and goading me. So, why don’t you get a life and leave me alone?”

At the same time, as I looked around us I noticed a few younger people were very annoyed by this sick Israel lover’s deliberate and provocative behavior.

This time he left the scene like a wounded angry pig, and I was left in deep empathy with the poor Palestinians who have been facing the likes of him for the last fifty years while the whole world remained blind, deaf and dumb.

Faruque Ahmed, Mobile: 041 091 4118 Email: Tuesday, 20 March 2007

PS. During my exchanges, the person in question told me that he is a Jew and he left an impression about his connection with the IDF.

The Truth and Reality at the Sydney APEC Rally

Further to
APEC Hijacked by State Sponsored Terrorism, Chaser busted at APEC and Zionised Marrickville Council below, Faruque Ahmed was promoting the “Stop Bush” rally at 8th of September 2007.

The rally was peaceful despite a series of deliberate and ill-motivated campaigns by the both state and federal governments as well the corporate media vendetta against Australian people and people of the whole world!

The creative and colorful anti-Bush protest attracted about 20 000 people from all walks of life. Yet, the ‘honest’ media reported the figure as 3 000, 5 000, small and 15 000! Finally the police report said 15 000!!

The rally finished peacefully and reconfirmed by the organizers and public present.

Somehow Faruque Ahmed was surfing the crowd and engaged in his style of investigations. His investigation became live and entertaining due to the presence of a few cameras. Together they exposed many shortcomings of the aggressive police operations.

Silly police went on to arrest an innocent invalid person. Due to the creative actions of the crowd police had some eggs on their faces. At the end of the drama Faruque shouted to the crowed and specifically to the 50 police present, “good police men and women of NSW, please arrest George Bush for war crimes and genocides, … . It was hilarious.

At one stage he was talking to a refined gentleman who traveled extensively in Africa and Middle East. Somehow a three star Police commander also joined in the conversation. Faruque was trying to expose the ‘skipacious’ Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione and the police commander was trying to maintain diplomacy while he made a few attempts to protect his boss. Then came the trouble! Faruque was wearing a well-made fluorescent T shirt –
“Zionist Criminals I love Osama” and holding an equally attractive double sided poster –

Stop Bush

Free Palestine

Stop Genocide In Iraq

A bearded idiot of his post sixties appeared in the panorama. He asked faruque, “Free Palestine – From whom”?

Faruque: People who robbed the land from the Palestinians.

The old idiot continued his idiocy further and at one stage Faruque said, “do you support the existence of a "gaming reserve" like the occupied Palestine where the Zionist forces have imprisoned millions of women and children and murdering them at any time with anything including F18s, Apache helicopters, tanks, machine guns, starvation, frustration, suffocation?”

The old idiot replied: I curse your prophet and your religion (that idiot reminded me Bruce the goose!).

Faruque: Thank you and have a nice day.

The Old Idiot: You have a rotten day.

Faruque: O.K. and now leave me alone.

The Old Idiot: You are an idiot.

Faruque: I can see, you are sewerage outlet and I do not wish to waste my time with you.

The Old Idiot: Why don’t you go back where you come from?

Faruque: Why don’t you go back where you come from?

The Old Idiot: I was born here!

Faruque: In that case please find out your forefathers’ country of origin and then go back to that rotten place immediately and on your way please take your racist and fascist fathers’ grave with you too because this country belongs to Aboriginals.

I think at that stage the Police commander had enough! He signaled Faruque to turn around and which he did. Within a minute, the old idiot was out of the scene and vanished in the wind!


When Cheney Comes To Town

For more: When Cheney Comes To Town

Friday evening was beautiful. I took a day off today and yesterday I already made a T-shirt to welcome Skull and Bones member Dick Cheney. Last night I spoke with Radio 2ue’s Clinton Maynard and today John Stanley of the same station about Iraq, Dick Cheney etc. In both occasions, it turned out to be pleasant research and analysis types of sessions as well as many people were supportive of our arguments and our expressed objectives! Only one and half “nice” persons expressed their anger at us without any logic or valid evidence.

However, the shirt reads, “Zionist Criminals I love Osama”. I was walking across Sydney’s Circular Quay and noticed too much and unnecessary police activities. I had a free half an hour time prior to my attendance of a discussion forum called Iraq and Afghanistan – American Quagmire”.

So I walked towards the infamous hotel where the war criminal has imprisoned him for the last three days. This morning he gave a half an hour so called lecture to a few business people. Many of these business people thought they are terrorists because accompanying American terrorists of Dick took over the security and treated them improperly. At the evening Cheney will meet poor old and uneasy Kevin Rudd and tomorrow the man of “steel” John Howard. Very busy schedule indeed!

As I approached the venue, many American pretend media people took many of my photographs because of my T – Shirt! At one stage a few police person surrounded me and very politely asked me;

Police: Sir what this T- Shirt says and we have to search you because of your shirt?
Me: Not a problem, go ahead (with a smile! However, the Police did not make any attempt to search me).

Police: What is Zionist?

Me: Are you sure you don’t know Zionists who follow Zionism?

Police: Please educate us.

Naturally, I explained Zionism to them and I also told them Zionism is worse than Nazism, … . They were happy with my statements and told me to continue my journey. I went further and found more police blocks which generated a bit of anger at my face! Would you believe, police officers on duty over there smiled at me and I waved at them with a friendly gesture! Finally, I noticed a beautiful part of Sydney was turned in to a mini Guantanamo Bay! I was disgusted and even on my way back I conversed with a few officers.

I said to them, “mate what the hell going on here! Our beautiful city has turned in to a mini Guantanamo Bay for one Skull and Bones member”! Basically, they agreed with me and said, “it is a over kill”, ….. .

I also had a few nice friendly and gentle exchanges with them prior to my departure from that sad place. I wonder, is it possible to do the same in the USA?


Faruque Ahmed’s T-Shirt

Faruque Ahmed is a non-violent community activist. He has been attending debates and discussions in many forums including universities. So far he is regarded and respected for his contribution. His T-Shirts and stickers are deep and thought provoking too. Nonetheless he never had a T-Shirt saying, “I love Osama” or word to that effect.

Yet, some people accused him of having a T-Shirt like I Love Osama! Faruque asked them to provide an iota of evidence in support of their claims. They failed to do so. Nonetheless, they continued to abuse, insult and attack Faruque as well as his race and religion. Surprisingly not many people stood up against those baseless and ill-motivated racist and sectarian attacks mentioned above.

In reality the day (16th February 2003) more than one million Australians marched against war and in support of peace; Faruque asked the “Mexican Bandit” (Micahel Jools) to make a T-Shirt saying, “Stop Zionised American Terrorism”. Jools made a T-Shirt for Faruque, “Stop American Zionism Terrorism”. Faruque had no choice but to use that unwanted version of shirt.

The day (March 20, 2003) America launched illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, Faruque marched along streets of Sydney with his new shirt, “Stop Zionised American Terrorism” made by the “Mexican Bandit” too.

However, attack on Faruque continued with new enthusiasm!

Finally, the day the Deputy Chief Terrorist Leader of USA (Dick Cheney) came to Sydney, Australia – Faruque welcomed him with his new shirt, “Zionist Criminals – I Love Osama Bin Laden”. It was hilarious.

He also went on to welcome Terrorist Leader George Bush with much more fun fare! Five thousand police, ten thousand securities, CIA, FBI, Black Water Security Guards or other vicious dogs failed to challenge him! Faruque was having a motza during that period and made tremendous fun out of useless security maniacs as exposed by the Chaser Team of ABC. Many enthusiastic cameras were following him too and no one was offended for his adventure. However, he was told recently, a few people at a Taxi Drivers Christmas party were offended for his T-Shirt. No wonder why taxi drivers are losing?

The Truth and Reality at the Sydney APEC Rally and When Cheney Comes in Town vindicated Faruque’s Zionist Criminals – I Love Osama Bin Laden. Yet, Osama is lovable than George and Stop Racist Attack On Faruque Ahmed failed to deter Morons & White Trash fury due to the long lasting impact of Geriatric Islamophobia confirmed by former Prime Minster Paul Keating in Australia and around the world.


Silencing the Truth to T-Shirt

Tonight I went to Leichardt Council meeting armed with
The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction annulled abruptly by the council due to a visitation by an ASIO (Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation) officer earlier! Would you believe, the ASIO officer was a Palestinian origin and he was assigned to administer the most hated and difficult legislation of the country in a very scary situation! By understanding the conspiracy behind this operation, I felt sympathetic with this unarmed young ASIO officer and reminded me about the low British casualty during the WW1 due to the blatant sacrifice of the Australian, Bangladeshi, Canadian, Indian, New Zealander, Pakistani and others on that time.

At the meeting, the Mayor took an understandably scary and compromising position. The Green councilors took a brave stand in support of free speech and they also revealed to the meeting, a few dirty tricks went on earlier behind the close doors regarding this affair. The crowed were angry, constructive and decisive. However, some Jewish group was dirty behind their spoken polished words at the meeting. They spoke about violence on “both sides” and failed to support the banning of the exhibition in public beside their role behind the back doors! Penultimately, the council would like to go ahead with future exhibitions with the assistance and consultation of both sides!! At one stage, I made an attempt to say something. However, the poor Mayor was scared of me and she did not allow me to speak despite the public demand. I suppose, she was worried about my T-Shirt rather than me!

As soon as the agenda item regarding the cancelled exhibition was over, the Zionist groups started to leave. In order to understand the real motive behind the spoken words, I went outside the chamber door and started to distribute
The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction and unmasked the real story below. Amongst the crowed there were a few Zio-Nazis too! Some of them even work for peace, they told me with anger!! The first item on the agenda was Friends of Hebron initiated Photo and Cultural Exhibition and that show was One Zionist woman told me, “you should be inside gas chamber”. My response was, “I knew you are a love child of Adolph Hitler”.

The other one told me, “I like to spit you .. ”.
I said to her, “you are revealing your true Zionist face i.e. brutal, intolerant and extreme”.

One person who knows me well and read me extensively, said to others, “pardon Faruque because he is not White” (paraphrasing to avoid insanity and profanity). During that exchange one gentleman expressed his dissatisfaction over the racist remark.

Another one said, “why don’t you join with Osama and blow yourself up … ”
I replied, “
Zionism is worse than Nazism and Osama is not even charged by anyone, let alone found guilty of anything. So why don’t you condemn Zionism?”

One genuine and decent Palestinian activist told me, “could you kindly change your T-Shirt because it is not helping us”. I told him, “I sympathise with you. However, you must know the actual messages of
Zionism Is Incompatible With Any Civilised Society, Ugly Judaism Is Incompatible With Any Religion, Islam is Incompatible with Democracy and Crazy Faruque. I don’t think the Zionists are above the law and they don’t have any right to terrorise rest of the world and therefore I am going to speak the language they understand”.

Do you know the reason of the commotion? The T-Shirt mentioned in
The Truth and Reality at the Sydney APEC Rally!

The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ was condemned by some “good” people because that movie was violent and gruesome, although based on true event! However, the same people never condemned those groups who conspired to murder Jesus at Jerusalem and his brother James at Rome later. Rather they found an unnamed Israeli expert and according to him, “Judas was carrying out the wish of God”.

Similarly, the longest running concentration camps with a stamp of infinity are located inside occupied Palestine. This slow motion Israeli holocaust in Palestine is much more painful than Hitler’s one! Yet, the ‘world’ is silent about it!

Amazingly, some of the evidence of the Israeli genocide, wholesale murders and tortures are intolerable to some chardonnay socialists and they are incapable to handle the brutality and horror of those cruelties! Therefore, they have conspired to shut down the
Palestinian Photo Exhibition at Leichardt, Sydney, Australia earlier.

Surprise! Surprise, they also find children playing in mothers' cradle, schoolyards or backyards as “extremists”, “militants”, “terrorists” etc. etc. Yet, they can not condemn outsiders who are carrying passports from a God and conducting ethnic cleansing continuum in the occupied Palestine!

Faruque Ahmed
Mobile: 041 091 4118
Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bonus info.

Osama is lovable than George

1. Osama Bin Laden is rich.
2. George Bush is rich.
3. Osama got a rich daddy.
4. George got a rich daddy.
5. Osama is a fanatic.
6. George is a fanatic.

The similarities between George and Osama stops then and there!

1. Osama believes in something.
2. George is enslaved by the neo-cons (mostly Israelites).
3. War and conflicts are beneficial for both families.
4. George is using conflicts for his personal benefits.
5. Osama is willing to sacrifice everything for his believes.
6. Osama is loved.
7. George is hated.
8. War crimes and genocides of George are proven.
9. Allegations against Osama are just allegations.
10. Osama is in the front with his people.
11. George is hiding behind bikinis.
12. Osama is brave.
13. George is a coward.

Considering the above may be Jesus loves Osama and not George.


I Love Osama

For more: I Love Osama

Further to 9/11 Truth and America's "Global War on Terrorism": The Pretext to Wage War is Totally Fabricated, Submission to Australian Parliamentary Debate re Afghanistan, Can America stop an Israeli 'nuclear' 9/11?, USA Must Quit Afghanistan Now, Osama bin Laden! Guilty or Innocent?, Osama bin Laden to Slaughter the Arabs and Muslims, Afghanistan! A Graveyard of Western Prejudice and Bigotry?, Afghanistan! Another Ancient Crusade of Our Time!, Afghanistan to Dickensian England! What Do You Think About It? and Afghanistan is Good below should be included in the long overdue Parliamentary debate.

However, one person has been wearing I Love Osama T-Shirt in front of everyone! Despite a lot of leg biting he is going strong.

Faruque Ahmed


Free Australia Now, Mobile: 041 091 4118

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Tariq Ali and Paul McGeough

Tariq Ali and Paul McGeough

Further to Further to Controlling the narrative in Israel and Palestine, Dershowitz packs Central, BEYOND THE SINS OF THE FATHERS and Israel Centric Monkey Dance I went to attend Tariq Ali lecture “WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM TERRROISTS” at the Sydney Opera House; Tariq Ali was superb and very professional. Tariq exposed American and Israeli state sponsored terrorism and millions of wrong doings by them around the world. It was superb and balanced. One lovely Australian born grandmother told me, “what he is telling to us is well-known to us – we want to know more and in a passionate manner”. My response to her was, “he has to be balanced and objective”. Tariq also reconfirmed what the neo-cons do not want to hear and tell others that both misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan are totally tragic failures. Mr. Ali also smoothly exposed blatantly obvious, cruel, illogical and irrational pro-Israeli policies of USA, UK, … and shameful sufferings, mistreatment and demonisation of the people of Palestine over the last sixty years. He continued about the American madness of:

1. Exporting democracy and free speech with bombs and bullets.

2. Wining hearts and minds of people with blatant and cheap propaganda.

3. Manipulating religion and race did not work before and won’t work in future.

During the question time 18 speakers spoke and I was the 20th one and therefore I missed out. 16 of those contributors were decent, genuine and knowledgeable. Only two Zionist/Zionist supporters made a fool of themselves. One asked, “what do you think about Iranian President’s recent infamous comment where he said 9/11 was an inside job”? I could not control my anger of this boring Zionist lie and I shouted across the hall, “he never said this” (you fool). Mr. Ali gave him a very penetrating response and exposed his stupidity too with a diplomatic flavor.

Anyway, I was surfing the crowd with my proud T-Shirt which displays, “Zionist Criminals I Love Osama”. I welcomed the Deputy American Terrorist Leader Dick Cheney and Chief Terrorist Leader George Bush respectively with my Shirt. Both of those occasions were hilarious.

Most of the time people look at the message with interest and curiosity, some times funny or intelligent discussions appeared in the horizon but I have encountered two groups of idiots only! Once at Leichardt and today at the Opera House!!

One Zionist buffalo shouted, “it is fascistic”.

I turned around with an attitude so that he can see my T-Shirt properly and get an opportunity to debate with me. Alas! He had a scared face while other peoples looked at us with interest. I also had few good chuckles with some people. I knew that if I were a frail old lady or unarmed little kid then mighty Zionist/Israeli buffalo would have attacked me with Abraham Tank or F 18! Anyway, I continued to the box office to purchase the next session’s ticket.

One grandmotherly figure touched my T-Shirt and said, “I like the top part but what is this Osama business? Do you like him?”

I whispered, “I am a peace loving person, why would I be interested in CIA pinup boy?”

She responded, “I thought so, you don’t look like a violent person”.

After a nice talk, this lovely lady offered me her ticket free of charge as she had other engagement at that time slot. I gladly offered her money and coffee.

On my way out of Opera House I accosted brave and articulate Paul McGeough. He was friendly and open minded. He understood my T-Shirt and smiled. We parted and I went for a coffee.

After a bit of adventure I came back to attend “AFTER THE FLOTILLA: CONTROLLING THE NERRATIVE IN ISRAEL AND PALESTINE” of Paul. It was a superb hour and half lecture based on facts and historical evidence exposing and condemning Israeli and American never ending wrong doings. The pin drop Opera House audience was the testimony of the brilliance of Paul McGeough.

The question and answer session was also exiting. Mostly thought full, humane and intelligent people made their valuable contributions apart from one and half Zionist’s nitrogenous waste.

I was the last one to speak and I had to apologise to my sister like figure Green Senator Sylvia Hale who just returned from Palestine with her invaluable contributions and sacrifice.

I knew that we need more than diplomatic lingo and polish approach to hit it hard and wake up the mass as Australian media outlets are disgustingly pro-Israel and silent the least about this burning catastrophe.

I started, “Diaries and testimonies of Theodor Hartzl, Vladimir Jabotinsky and Joseph Weitz are evidenced by First Jewish colony in Palestine, 1878, United Nations Partition Plan-UN Resolution 181, 1947 / Rhodes Armistice Line, 1949 and Projection of the West Bank Final Status Map presented by Israel, Camp David, July 2000 clearly show that Palestinians are not guilty at all. Above links also clearly support the fact that Israeli Holocaust in the Occupied Palestine Was Conspired before Hitler’s Holocaust. Contemporary Jewish Quotes About non-Jews, Pre-Contemporary Jewish Quotes About non-Jews, The 1952 Law of Entry, The 1952 Citizenship Law, The Law of Acquisition of Absentee Property, … remove the last iota of doubt that the slow motion and most painful concentration camps known to mankind located inside occupied Palestine with a stamp of infinity are operated by the generations of Israelis.”. I continued, “A Palestinian kid who is playing in his/her mums cradle, backyard, schoolyard, … is a terrorist!?! People who are racing from all over the world to the holy land and terrorisng the Palestinians are victim continuum!! Israeli ethnic cleansing is justified. Hitler’s ethnic cleansing is not justified! What a double standard and hypocrisy!?! Why are we tolerating these barbaric acts?” Everyone was silent.

Paul knew I was right. He basically said what I said but he was more articulate, smooth, professional and convincing. At one stage the MC closed the meeting.

Many people paid attention to me. One educated gentleman with IT background followed me and argued his points. We continued our mature debate. During our interaction a few Zionists were looking for opportunities while a few Palestinians encircled me to ensure my safety.

This gentleman was a thinker but not a critical thinker. I answered his tabloid trash based questions with Osama bin Laden! Guilty or Innocent?, Osama bin Laden to Slaughter the Arabs and Muslims, Afghanistan! A Graveyard of Western Prejudice and Bigotry?, Afghanistan! Another Ancient Crusade of Our Time!, Afghanistan to Dickensian England! What Do You Think About It?, Afghanistan is Good and USA Must Quit Afghanistan Now. Finally he blamed Palestinians for the breakdown of peace talk! I offered documents like The Genuine Offer of Ehud Barak at Camp David (2000) and Distorting the Camp David negotiations. He was unconvinced! I offered him $100 then $1000 reward should he finds any error in my documents! I also offered statistics like All Terrorists are Muslims...Except the 99.6% Aren't!, Is it also true that 7% of American terrorism emanated from Jews? …. . He replied that he does not believe in statistics! I told him, “you must have a close mind and further discussions may not be very fruitful”. We chuckled. Yet, I kept the communication line open by saying, “you got my web, blog, discussion group addresses and my phone number; please throw your word of wisdom when you are ready”.