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Please pass this information to protesting Indian Students

Please pass this information to protesting Indian Students

Further to Racism vs Taxi Drivers Safety in Victoria, NSW to Victorian Taxi Drivers' Safety, Taxi protest leads to prepaid fares, Cabbies shut down CBD and Stripping cabbies protest gets result a spontaneous and creative taxi workers protest movement was sabotaged by some corrupt and racist union leaders and media outlets.

Would you believe they are consistent with Australian Values and Australian Culture practiced by Morons & White Trash.

Racist attacks on Indian and other overseas students are a sickness of this society encouraged by the most popular Prime Minister John Howard who has managed to utilise racism and sectarianism.


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Some people blame Faruque Ahmed for everything including sneezing to tsunami! However, the NSW Taxi Drivers got more protection than any other states. Despite humongous difficulties, the NSW taxi drivers’ movement have done the hard work i.e. research and analysis rather than opting for racism unlike leaders of other states.

This ignorant person who signed this letter below supposed to be the leader the Victorian of Taxi Drivers Association. Most of the VTDA members would be migrant background including Indian origin and they are subject to many forms of racism!

So please think on why and how the racism is taking over this good society.

The Hon.Julia Gillard

Deputy Prime Minister

Minister for Industrial Relations, Canberra

Date: 2-12-07.


Dear Minister,

It is time to do something about the CORRUPT TAXI INDUSTRY and it's GANGSTERS, which could not operate without being aided and abetted by the Government. We believe that this material should also be brought to the attention of the Hon. Wayne Swann.

Fels and Samuels have allowed the biggest CARTEL in Australia to flourish. How much does the taxi industry owe the ATO Australia wide? BILLIONS!!

This industry is managed and controlled by professional criminals who evade Billions of dollars per year owing to the Taxation Office.

They impose 14th Century slavery on drivers because most are foreign students or illegal migrants. The Immigration Dept says that foreign students can work 20hrs per week on salary & wages, but cannot run a business. The ATO contradict this by giving them ABNs, no doubt influenced by friends in high places who prosper by slave labour.

Division 144 of the Tax Act is special for Taxi Drivers only, we don't know why because Taxi driving would have to be the lowest paid job in the whole of Australia, owing to the stranglehold of the Taxi Owners Mafia and their appalling behaviour.

According to the VTD, there are 10,000 active drivers and 4,000 Taxis.

Each driver earns between $300 and $900 per week, for 60 hrs to 75 hrs per week.

There is unlimited hours on driving which must be stopped.

Nobody pays tax because after they pay their bills, there is nothing left to pay tax with.

So where does the revenue go.? To the taxi owner, who claims a running loss, and he does not pay tax either, so Australia looses wholesale. Yet in a 1992 submission to the Govt for a fare rise, they claimed that they pay drivers $45,000 per year. A driver would be lucky to get that amount in 2 years.

The cry to preserve free enterprise is no barrier against bribery, extortion, graft, tax cheating and other skulduggery that render the present situation too crooked for defence.

For years and years they have been perpetrating extortion and theft on taxi drivers to bolster their income so they can live a life of luxury. They tell taxi drivers that they must pay $5 per shift for insurance on the taxi, but there is NO insurance, it is simply extortion, and there is no proprietary interest in the vehicle. If they refuse to pay they will not get the taxi, there is no tax paid on this EXTORTION racket, this is straight in the pocket.

This is $3,360 per car x 4,000 cars per year alone, without income tax.

If taxi drivers were paid WAGES like every other human being, then this tax would be paid, by being taken out of their WAGES, and the Government would benefit by Billions of dollars, instead of harbouring criminals and getting nothing, and the criminals would be forced to pay their share too, which would be a severe shock.

To give an example, a Melbourne taxi plate in October 07, sold for $480,000, and in 1993 this same plate sold for $105,000. Is this the driver's superannuation.?

AW800417 was handed down in 1997, but totally ignored by the taxi industry, we ask the question. IS THIS LAW.?

Taxi Drivers were refused participation in this fiasco. What does that tell you.?

In the De-luxe Red & Yellow Case in 1999 Chief Justice Gleeson HCA said "The revenue authorities have been pushing this envelope for years Mr.Kane, they have been arguing, both at State and Federal level, about whether people are employees or independent contractors, but they have never amended the Act, have they.?"


FCA Judge Finklestein said "A person who sells his labour is an employee" Konrad V Vic Police FCA (9 August 1999)

We believe that the answer is WAGES, Wages, Wages. The tax is automatically taken out of Wages, so therefore it is paid, like it or not. That at least would stop the gangsters from rorting the system and help the country.

If you need proof of any of the above, we have volumes of documentation, which will prove beyond any doubt that what we are saying is the truth.

Most professional drivers have left because of the dire conditions. Owners don't care as long as they have immigrants and students as slaves who are easier to control.

There are about 150 Taxi Depots in Melbourne participating in the rorts and rackets, run and organised over telephone conversations. Depots run between 2 and 300 cabs.

Yours sincerely

Wally Connolly (President)

Victorian Taxi ‘Drivers Association

Taxi Driver Entitlement under the Law

Taxi drivers are not employees/contractors.

Taxi drivers are bailees i.e. co-adventurers, joint adventurers.

However, the taxi mafias call us bailees to avoid any employment rights. To your surprise, under the law we are entitle to have sick pay, holiday pay, long service pay etc. including right to work in a safe work place under the Duty of Care provision of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Taxi Driver Entitlement under the Law is the proper and legally based claim bailee taxi drivers anywhere in Australia. The NSW laws are more sound and stronger because of:

1. Justice Beattie Report.
2. Justice Edwards Report.

3. Sir Asher Joles Motivational Survey.
4. Driving Forces (Minister for Industrial Relations and the Attorney General).
5. Driving Forward, (Minister for Industrial Relations and the Attorney General).
6. Keatsdale Report (The DoT and NSW WorkCover Authority).
7. Dalziel Reports (Sydney University).
8. Alan Cook reports.

9. Roy Morgan Report re ATIS conducted by Ann Matheson.

10. Dave Madden Reports.

Taxi Industry Truth Simplified (T.I.T.S.)

Journalists, student activists or any one may use the following information should you wish.

Independent Commission Against Corruption could be used as a reference point of the Sydney Taxi Industry or even Australia!

TAXI TRIBUNAL THAT LACKS TRANSPARENCY and Rats In The Ranks could be a good start.

Members of Parliament and media outlets, NSW Minister for Transport and Sydney Taxi are a few available links for some of the recent activities in the Taxi Industry.

The NSW TDA Forum, Sydney Taxi Corruption, ozcabs and Taxi-List are discussion groups frequented by taxi industry activists. One may throw his/her findings about the taxi industry for a fine-tuning.

Links like Nexus Taxi Plates, higher intelligence, integrity, capabilities, origin, monster to cult leader, public good, safety, vital interests, Expulsion of Michael Jools from the NSW Taxi Drivers Association, Compulsory Seat Belt for Taxi Drivers, Vilification of Taxi Drivers and Ethnic Groups, Racism and Corruption in NSW Australia, Ann Matheson Report may add more flavour. NSW Taxi Drivers' Association Submission Regarding Seat Belt is a burning issue.

Source: Australian Taxi Industry

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